The 澳门网上网投亚洲入口 Department of 皮肤病学 evaluates and treats patients with a variety of skin conditions, 包括粉刺, 湿疹, 荨麻疹, 皮疹, 牛皮癣, 疣, and benign and malignant skin growths such as moles and skin cancer. Our providers can also treat other types of concerns such as cysts, 酒渣鼻, 过度出汗, 脱发, 和白癜风.

We have a variety of treatment options, including the use of medications, 外用药膏, 手术, or the use of laser and phototherapy treatments. Our board-certified Mohs surgeon can perform Mohs Micrographic Surgery, a skin cancer treatment that is proven to have a higher cure rate while leaving more healthy tissue intact.

Seeing a dermatologist is advisable for any concerning skin changes, persistent skin conditions, 脱发, or cosmetic concerns that affect your well-being and confidence. Early intervention and proper treatment can help alleviate symptoms and maintain healthy skin. Consider booking a consultation with the Department of 皮肤病学 if you have concerns 关于:

  • Skin Changes: Any noticeable changes in moles, 雀斑, 或者皮肤生长, such as changes in size, color, 形状, 或纹理, should be evaluated by a dermatologist to rule out skin cancer or other serious conditions.
  • Acne: Persistent or severe acne that does not respond to over-the-counter treatments may require prescription medications or other interventions from a dermatologist.
  • Skin Conditions: Conditions such as 湿疹, 牛皮癣, 酒渣鼻, or dermatitis can cause discomfort and affect quality of life. A dermatologist can provide diagnosis and treatment options to manage these conditions effectively.
  • Hair Loss: Experiencing excessive 脱发 or thinning can be distressing. A dermatologist can determine the underlying cause and recommend appropriate treatments.

另外, we offer a variety of cosmetic services and medical-grade skincare products that can restore your skin’s appearance and renew your self-confidence. Our team of medical professionals can perform Botox, Coolsculpting, 面部填充物, 面部美容, 激光脱毛, 微针, 和更多的. We are here to help you look and feel your best in the skin you’re in. Consultations are available by 网上预订.


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