Patients suffering from diseases of the lungs and respiratory system, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, pneumonia or COPD, are diagnosed by specialists in Christie Clinic’s Department of Pulmonary Medicine using tests performed in Christie Clinic’s state-of-the art Pulmonary Function Lab.

Tests performed in the Pulmonary Function Lab aid in diagnosing and treating patients by measuring how well their lungs take in and release air, and how well the lungs move oxygen into the body’s circulation.

Christie Clinic team members provide complete pulmonary function studies, including pre- and post-bronchodilator studies, lung volumes, resistance to airways, and diffusion capacity. We also have the capability to do bronchial challenge studies or asthma stimulation testing.

Pulmonary function studies are evaluated and set up to provide the best care available for our patients. Christie Clinic team members are committed to providing the excellent quality care that you deserve.