Full Sleep Evaluation

Meet with a sleep specialist or sleep-trained physician on Christie Clinic’s sleep team. The physician would review your:

  • symptoms
  • sleep concerns
  • sleep habits
  • health history

Prepare for your full sleep evaluation by filling out our sleep questionnaire.

In-lab Sleep Testing

Christie Clinic’s sleep laboratory offers full-service in-lab sleep testing. In-lab tests give sleep specialists as much information as possible, to diagnose a broad range of sleep disorders. In-lab sleep tests allow physicians to review your:

  • Sleep depth
  • Breathing
  • Snoring
  • Heartbeat
  • Muscle movements

In-lab sleep testing is considered the gold standard of care. Some sleep disorders cannot be diagnosed without an in-lab sleep test.

Learn more about in-lab sleep tests.


Prepare for your in-lab sleep test by…

Home Sleep Testing

In special cases, home testing may be an option. You may quality for home testing if you have:

  • a very high probability of having sleep apnea
  • no other major health problems

The sleep laboratory would measure and fit the equipment, then train you on how to attach it yourself. Home tests have a higher failure rate since no one is monitoring to be sure all the sensors stay in place all night.

You should not have a home test if you have significant health issues such as heart failure or a history of stroke. Because there are fewer sensors, home tests do not give enough information to diagnose all types of sleep disorders. If you have symptoms of other sleep disorders besides sleep apnea, you should have an in-lab test.